1941 Cadillac

Fleetwood Sixty-Special

A Classic Work of Art

There's a reason why Cadillac is used as an adjective... and the reason just might be this black '41. A true American work of art, in museum-quality unrestored original condition. Open the door and you can almost hear the Swing music play. This beautiful Cadillac was chauffeur driven for the first thirty-five years of life, and made its way through both private and museum collections before we were lucky enough to take ownership. She offers an unmatched level of beauty and comfort, pairing a very modern smooth ride in a timelessly elegant package for your wedding day or special event. Her formal black paint lends a dignified elegance that makes a beautiful contrast to your white wedding gown.

  • "You have to have a great conclusion and this was a perfect ending! Arranged as a surprise for the bride and groom, it went perfectly and they really enjoyed the luxury ride back to the hotel. And the pictures... that car and the gorgeous bride and groom are some of our favorite photographs." -"Mom" of Megan & Adam, via Borrowed & Blue

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