What a time it has been!  I just logged onto our blog to discover it’s been a solid year since our last post.  Sacrilege!  Our friend and social media expert Caryn will certainly send us to the woodshed for this.  The bottom line is, we’ve been so busy growing that the blog has been on the back burner.  We’ll post a few articles on the high points, later — but, briefly, let’s talk about a few things that have happened, while we’ve been away:

2013 Set new records, then shattered them.  We’ve enjoyed steady growth since starting chauffeuring weddings in 1998 — most of which has been seen since 2007.  As the popularity of vintage cars for weddings and special occasions has increased, we’ve been right there to set the standard.  We were most pleased when in 2012, we set a new yearly record – serving over 150 wedding couples, plus many other special occasions and charity events.  In 2013, we broke our record again, thanks to our wonderful clients and fellow vendors who refer us!  And here in April, 2014, this year looks like it will again raise the bar!

farm_1Our fleet continues to grow.  In January 2013, we purchased our white 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud “Elizabeth” from a Rhode Island family, who had owned her for over 30 years.  No sooner than she arrived in Birmingham, did she quickly become one of the most popular and requested cars on the Alabama wedding car scene.  So much so, that in February, 2014, we traveled to Virginia Tech and bought her identical twin.  This newcomer is currently being set up for service — watch for a proper reveal, soon!

Our existing fleet continues to improve.   When we place a classic car into service, it must meet our reliable mechanical standards, and high cosmetic standards in every visible area.  We insist on fine paint, correct interiors with authentic materials (we don’t substitute vinyl for leather, for example), and well-maintained, reliable mechanical systems.  We’ll never place a car into service that isn’t beautifully cared for.  However, being the perfectionists that we are, there are always things we seek to improve on.  For the past several months, our focus has been on engine compartments.  Rarely are these areas ever photographed, but often, gearhead groomsmen and carshow enthusiasts want to see under the hood.  So, we’re working to step that up a notch, by detailing our engines to show off their already-fine state of tune.  We’re also continually working on several restoration projects, which, once finished, will be beautiful additions to our fleet (watch for more!).  Our goal is to provide show-quality classic cars, much finer than you would expect from a typical limousine service.  Why?  Because these cars are also our hobby, and our investments — and we believe our clients deserve nothing less!

We’ve set the bar for our industry by working with local officials to help establish fair and safe requirements for vintage cars operated as limousines.  Standards which we have always upheld, such as commercial insurance, mechanical inspections, and driver safety.  Watch for more details, coming soon.

We’ve improved our response time for reservations and inquiries by adding a new member to our reservations staff,  and streamlining our website and contact form.  Our office is always available 10AM-6PM Central time where one of our two reservations coordinators will be glad to help.

And last, but not least, we’ve set a new record for charity dollars raised.  Over  $6,000 was raised at one event, alone, as our transportation services were paired with a dinner at Veranda on Highland in Birmingham, and sold at auction benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Alabama & Mississippi Chapter.  In 2013, our donations of time and service also raised dollars for the Autism Society of Alabama, and The Red Barn Foundation.   We also participated in an evening for Christmas 2013, where we used “Catherine” to carry carolers collecting blankets and jackets for the homeless.  It’s all about giving back to the community that supports us!

With your support, 2014 will be even more exciting!