C5 Corvette Custom

Perfect for photo shoots, movie appearances, parades, and displays, our Corvette is also available for wedding and other special occasion transportation with certain restrictions. Due to insurance requirements, clients are not allowed to drive the car except in special circumstances (i.e. film shoots on a closed set). Otherwise, the Corvette must be chauffeur-driven, making it a one-passenger car. This does make it available for wedding processions with a bride OR groom, such as the groom's entrance in the traditional Hindu wedding, above. We can carry two passengers for a short distance if both sit on the rear of the car, as the groom is seated in the above photos. If additional passengers or longer distances are required, we recommend our 1963 Lincoln Convertible "Elwood" (Birmingham Collection), 1958 Impala Convertible (Jackson Collection), or 1961 Cadillac Convertible "Big Red" (Huntsville Collection).

Although our Corvette is officially based in our Birmingham collection, it also spends time regularly in Jacksonville, Florida - and is available in that area, as well.


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