1929 Hudson Super Six

Gatsby-Era Styling and Sophistication

Eleanor's vintage styling hearkens back to the jazz-age period of The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey. In fact, her distinctive styling and beautiful condition won her a role in a period television documentary produced by EWTN, as well as a first-place trophy in the 2007 O'Reilly World of Wheels. She was the first car to be used for weddings in our fleet, and is certainly one of the most elegant. She is finished in her original color scheme of Ivory Jet Black and Reseda Green with Cream pinstriping, which contrasts beautifully with wedding gowns for photos. Black and white photography with "Eleanor" is particularly elegant.

Hudson advertisements from 1929 boast "Qualities That Men Admire, Made Beautiful For Women" and "If you didn't know the price, you would say 'There is a very costly car' ". In truth, the Hudson was a bit costly -- for the $1175 price of ours in 1929, one could have purchased three new Model A Fords! But with the Hudson, the discerning buyer got something more for his dollar: Spaciousness. Style. Bragging rights. And most of all, Hudson backed up their fine styling and luxurious appointments with performance -- by making the Super Six the fastest Detroit-built vehicle produced in 1929! The strategy worked: In this year, Hudson became the nation's third largest auto manufacturer.

The Super Six's speed and durability gained it great popularity with the gangster culture-- So much so, that in 1929, the FBI reportedly put out a warning to all local police agencies: If there's a late-model Hudson reported stolen in your community, be on the lookout for bank robbers. Apparently, it had become popular to steal Hudsons as getaway cars, since they were faster than anything available to law enforcement! This tradition of performance would continue on into the 1950s, when Hudson became one of the founding marques of NASCAR. (Seen the Disney film Cars?)

One of our brides put it best -- "The Hudson has Class... a dignified Class." We must agree!

  • "It was the perfect exit for our wedding and Ken, our driver, was sweet enough to take us the long way through Birmingham so that we could drag out our special night that much more. We did two trips -- from the ceremony to the reception, and then leaving for the night. Highly recommend!!!" -Kelly & Adam, married at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church / Birmingham Botanical Gardens

What's in a name?

The Hudson Motor Car Company was financed in its early days by Detroit department store magnate Joseph L. Hudson, who lent the company his name. Mr. Hudson never had children - but did have a neice, Eleanor, - who went on to marry Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford. It is from Mrs. Eleanor Ford that our Hudson gets her name.

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