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Cole, 1955 Chevrolet Two-Ten

Fall 1955. The Dodgers beat the Yankees in the World Series, "Sugar Ray" Robinson won the World Boxing Championship, and the $64,000 Question was a favorite on TV. Carhops were skating to a new smash hit on the radio, "Rock Around the Clock". Chevrolet wrapped up the 1955 season with unparalelled success, including the introduction of the first Chevrolet V8 engine -- a story still being written today. Now surrounded in folklore much larger than the car itself, the 1955 Chevrolet is nothing less than an icon of America in a simpler, happier time. Countless baby boomers were driven home from the hospital in cars just like this.

A trip in "Cole" is a trip back to that simpler time. Cole's just as he was when he left the factory, a rarity among his kind today. The India Ivory over Shadow Gray paint are the colors that were born there, and the interior still holds its AM radio. Viewed through modern eyes he is elegant in his simplicity, much like the decade in which he was born.

"...Thank you for everything. The car was wonderful. Chris and I really wanted something nicer than a stretch limo, and you exceeded our expectations. We'll be calling you on our anniversary!..." -Kimberly R., Birmingham

"....Your [Hudson] sedan is just plain gorgeous! I want to tell you how really nice the black/green combination looks-- the way the green frames the windows, the broad beltline stripe. If I recall right '29 was a record year for Hudson, wasn't it? It's no wonder when I look at yours!" -James S., via E-Mail

"....Thank you for making this so easy!" -Kim G., Birmingham

"...Before our reception was even over, all my friends started coming up to me and asking where we found the car, and that it was so neat! My maiden-of-honor will be calling you to book her wedding this summer. Thanks for the great ride!" -Monica P., Birmingham
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