1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible

The perfect marriage of "sporty" and "elegant"

Sporty, but Elegant; a true American icon: The "suicide-door" Lincoln Convertible. This convertible beats all others for a bride and groom. With four doors and a roomy interior, entry and exit is easy even with the top up -- making weather no longer a concern. Ride from the ceremony to reception with the top-up in the comfort of Elwood's plush air-conditioned leather interior -- and depart from the reception in top-down classic convertible style!

What's in a name?

"Elwood" gets his name from the designer who penned his classic styling, Mr. Elwood Engel. After many years at Ford Motor Company, Engel went on to Chrysler Corporation to design the similar 1964 Imperial, and 1965 Plymouth, which you'll also find in the CCC collection.

  • "...The perfect car for bride and groom. Took them from church, to reception, to hotel. Very reasonable and kept his word about everything we asked for. Will definitely use them again!" -Another great review from TheKnot

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