Classic Car Services

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We invite you to step back into a time when Arriving  meant being driven by your own professional, polite chauffeur -- smartly attired in a classic black tuxedo, chauffeur's cap, and driving gloves. We pride ourselves on studying the bygone methods of chauffeur etiquette, to provide a classy, authentic experience -- and our cars show that same attention to detail. Since we're professionals, backed by our own in-house restoration shop, we have the time and resources to invest in making sure everything is just right.  Additionally, since your special occasion is too important to leave to chance, we always have a backup car and chauffeur standing by.

"...The driver was so nice, we felt so safe in the car with him, and truly enjoyed getting to speak with him on the commute to our final destination. Coats Classic Cars takes such great care of their vehicles that it was a very enjoyable ride and experience. We would definitely use them again and couldn't say enough about how wonderful our experience was." -Tatum & Rob, married at Russell Crossroads


For The Happy Couple

Your wedding photos will last a lifetime. Let's make them timeless!  A Coats Classic Car is more than just transportation -- it's a canvas for your photographer which will always be in style.  It's also a part of your reception décor, for your guests to admire and enjoy -- and the last memory you'll leave for them, as you depart at the end of the evening!

Our most popular service provides the car for your ceremony and  reception, and includes up to two trips. We prefer to only accept one wedding per day, and for that day, you’ll be the “owner” of the car. Since your car is already on-site, you have the freedom to use it as a timeless backdrop for photos in the daylight or evening, at your leisure, rather than having to leave the dance floor to get them before departure. You’ll have the ambiance of having your  car on display for your guests to admire and enjoy -- adorned with satin ribbons, custom florals, and a Just Married  sign, if you like. Your car and chauffeur will be standing by for departure when you're ready, rather than waiting for someone else’s  car to come pick you up. Finally, since the car is yours exclusively, it will never arrive with another wedding’s confetti, perfume, or footprints.

Rolls-Royce - Catherine

"...The driver was very nice, and he even allowed a small detour so we could take some nighttime romance pictures with the car. Our guests also loved being able to take pictures with the car. I loved the looks/stares and honks we got from other cars while riding to the hotel..." -Paige and Shea, married at Rucker Place in Birmingham

In our local service areas (Birmingham, Huntsville, Jackson, MS, and the Western Carolinas), our all-inclusive wedding services range from $535 to $1,195, depending on the car and service you choose. We can serve any other location in the Southeast, but a destination charge may apply.

1968 Mercedes-Benz - Eugen

For Parents, Grandparents, or other important guests

We offer special pricing for classic cars that are perfect for those important folks. Think of them like a Town Car -- but with style! While you can choose any of our classic cars, we particularly recommend our 1968 Mercedes-Benz "Eugen", and 1963 Lincoln Continental "Elwood" (in 'top-up' configuration). These cars are roomy, comfortable, and air-conditioned, just like a modern Town Car -- but with a lot more style! They can typically carry up to 4 passengers, plus the chauffeur.

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Proposals, and Other Special Occasions

We invite you to make any occasion a special occasion  with transportation in one of our beautiful classics. From birthdays and anniversaries that will always be remembered, to nights "out on the town", arriving in style is an essential part of a perfect evening. And nothing is more romantic than an engagement proposal with a Coats Classic Car! Our special occasion services are offered at an affordable hourly rate.

Rolls-Royce - Catherine - Engagement She said "Yes!"

Photo Shoots, TV & Film, and Event Displays

A Coats Classic Car makes a perfect backdrop for engagement, bridal, fashion, advertising and other photo sessions. Our cars have appeared in a host of magazines and publications; as picture cars in noted films Get On Up, Blue Sky, and The Help -- and have been featured on television by Absolutely Alabama, Antiques Roadshow, Comedy Central, EWTN, Lifetime Network, and WWE Wrestling. Our classics can also be used on display for unparalleled ambiance at parties and other special events.

"You were a lot more than just a guy who showed up with a car, and it was so helpful that you went the extra mile. I've already looked at the footage and the car looks great, it was exactly the right choice for this project. " -Todd Terry, Fantastic Plastic Entertainment Inc., producers of "Keep Alabama Beautiful"

VIP Transportation

At Coats Classic Cars, we treat every passenger like a VIP -- because to us, they all are.  That attention to service has led us to be selected to chauffeur many VIPs over our 19-year history -- including both the Chinese and Belgian Ambassadors to the U.S. during recent visits Birmingham. Regardless of the individual or the occasion, you can depend on us to treat your VIPs with dignity and professionalism.

"The person I trust with my VIP dignitaries, always." -Jennifer Gowers Davis, GoPro Event Solutions


What do YOU have in mind? All of our services are custom-tailored to each special occasion.


Your departure will be the last memory you leave for your guests. Let's make it unforgettable!


What makes us stand apart -- and why you can trust us with your most important of days.